Area IX would like to invite you to a weekend of education with clinician Buck Davidson at Rabbit Mountain Equestrian Center in Longmont CO.

The clinic will be held on February 23 & 24 with jumping both days. The clinic is a progression from footwork/gymnastic type work on Saturday and course work on Sunday.
Saturday night will be the Area IX banquet, with details to follow. Buck will be the guest speaker at the banquet.
5 groups of 5 riders per group. 1.5 hour groups.
Levels offered: 1. Young Event Horse, 2. Beginner Novice, 3.Novice, 4.Training, 5.Prelim and above
Entry Information:
Entry is considered complete with receipt of payment (Check made to Area IX), and hard copies of Entry Form  and signed USEA Release.
Cost: $400/weekend
Entries will be confirmed via email provided on the entry form.
Entry form attached.
Send Check/Entries to:
Rebecca Caulfield
4300 E. 168th Ave
Brighton CO 80602
questions/concerns to Becca at RLCaulfield@gmail.com or text 719-313-1927


Happy Holidays, Area IX!

We are pleased to announce that the Area IX Awards Banquet will once again be hosted in conjunction with the Area IX Clinic, featuring Buck Davidson. The clinic will take place February 23 and 24, 2019 at Rabbit Mountain Equestrian Center in Longmont, Colorado; the Banquet will be on the evening of February 23  in Hygiene.

Buck Davidson Clinic

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! Enter ASAP to get your spot! Only FULL PAYMENT, a SIGNED USEA WAIVER, and a SIGNED BELLA VIEW FARM WAIVER will get you on the list!


USEA Waiver:

Bella View Farm Waiver:

Accepted Riders & RIDE TIMES:

Install the Area IX Calendar on your Smart Phone or Tablet

To get Area IX Calendar on your phone:

Option 1

Direction to use default iPhone Calendar app:

Settings >> Accounts & Passwords -OR- Mail, Contacts, Calendars  >> Add Account >> Other >> Add Subscribed Calendar >> Server: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/area9eventing%40gmail.com/public/basic.ics
Option 2
Use Google Calendar app, search for area9eventing@gmail.com to add the calendar. It’s public, so it should pop up when you search.

CHP Event Cancellation

Dear Area IX Eventers,

I received word yesterday morning that Colorado Horse Park has cancelled all of its 2018 events except the AEC’s. “They want to put all of their eventing resources into producing a great AEC.”

I want to say thank you to our Area IX council. All of them have stepped up during this time of disappointment due to the cancellation of the CHP 2018 events. The entire council is doing leg work and coming up with ideas to help fill the gap in qualifying competitions with the resources at hand. It seems ironic that we have a big competition coming to Colorado only to have these events cancelled. The loss is most keenly felt by the Preliminary and up riders as well as the Young Riders.

There is some news about the AEC’s. The August date was always going to be cancelled due to the USEA policy of a hosting venue not running an event at least 30 days prior to the AEC. This AEC in Colorado will also host non-championship divisions. That means they will run a National level horse trials in conjunction with the AECs.

At present there are several possible scenarios to fill the June 1-3, 2018 date with at least a Preliminary event.

Unfortunately, we are in a holding pattern until several key players make a decision. We have one shot to run our plan by the USEA Board Of Governors and Executive Committee, so the plan must be comprehensive and complete.

In the meantime, think about what you can do as an individual to support our existing events and organizers. Our demands, needs, and expectations as riders have become more sophisticated. These changes are expensive to produce. Every show has its breaking point be it financial, hours in the day, venue constraints or simply growing old. Remember that by far and away Eventing is a labor of love on all fronts.

Thank you for your passion of Eventing,

Deeda Randle

Area IX Chair