Area IX Championships

Event at Archer
August 18-21, 2022


Qualification Requirements:

1. Qualification Period: August 26, 2021 – August 7, 2022
** All entries must be submitted by the posted closing date of the show (Aug 2nd)!  However, late entries will be accepted only for those riders who obtain their qualification during the August 6-7, 2022 Spring Gulch horse trials.
2. Intro through Modified Level Qualifications:  1st through 5th at one USEA recognized event with a minimum of 5 starters.
3. Preliminary Level Qualifications: One placing 1st through 5th at a USEA recognized event with a minimum of 5 starters 
OR Two 1st through 5th placings with MER qualified finishes at USEA recognized events if there are less than 5 starters.
4. Completion at any level must meet the USEA definition of a MER to qualify for championships.
5. Area IX Members may qualify in any area but they must have competed in at least one USEA recognized event within Area IX during the qualifying time period on any horse.
6. Open to members of other Areas but non- Area IX riders must qualify at USEA recognized events held within Area IX.
7. Rider and Horse must qualify as a pair.
8. All Area Championship competitors must be current USEA Members.
9. All qualifying competitions must be USEA registered horse trials, three-day events, or CCIs.
10. No horse may compete in more than one championship in a calendar year. This restriction does not include the AEC or any national championship.
11. List the qualifying competitions on the entry form.

NOTE: Whips are not permitted to be carried in the Dressage Test at USEF/USEA Championships or USEA Area Championship divisions.