VIP (Volunteer Incentive Program)

The sport of three-day eventing could not be possible without the support of volunteers. Volunteers come in many forms: riders, friends, family members, trainers, people who would love to learn more about the sport, and those who are fans of the sport.

Area IX is excited to recognize the hard work put in by our amazing volunteers all year long with the AREA IX VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR award and also the AREA IX RESERVE VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR award.

We will also be recognizing the volunteers who accumulate 5, 10, and 15+ hours annually.

You can use the USEA Volunteer Portal Tracking System, or you can record hours with Carol Jones, the Area IX Volunteer Coordinator. If you volunteer at an event that Carol does not attend or coordinate volunteers for, make sure to contact her to report your hours: (720) 346-4478.