Area IX Volunteer Hours and Awards!

As we think about the upcoming season I would like to approach the subject of Volunteering at this years events. There are two amazing opportunities for volunteers to be recognized this year.

Our Volunteer Recognition Progam (VIP):

Without Volunteers there is NO Eventing. Volunteers come in many forms….Riders, Friends of riders, Trainers and their Students, people who would love to learn more about the sport, or those who just love this sport.

A Program has been developed within Area IX to incentivize Volunteering, and to recognize Volunteers and their hard work.


~Area IX Volunteer of the Year

~Reserve Area IX Volunteer of the year


~5, 10, 15+ hours annually.

~ The more the merrier – Large Cumulative Awards.

You can use the USEA Volunteer Portal Tracking System or you can record hours with me. As I round up volunteers for several events in Area IX so I will also keep track of hours, but if you volunteer at an event I’m not involved with please make sure I get your hours if you don’t use the USEA VIP Portal.  You can always check in with me any time to see where you’re at with hours.



~Open to ALL Area IX Members.

~REQUIRES 6 Volunteer hours   (separate from the 4 hours required by MSEA/CCC for their Yesr End Awards).

~ANY clinic/activity/event within Area IX Sanctioned /Insured through USEA. Check with organizer for Schooling Events.

~Can have “Surrogate” perform hours on your behalf.

~ As with all volunteer hours, you can report them to me, Carol Jones, or track at

Thank you all so much for your continued support, and please……do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. I am here to help.

Happy and Safe Riding,

Carol Jones

(720) 346 4478 (cell)

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