Area IX is looking for the 2022 & 2023 Young Rider Coach

As Area IX gears up for the 2022 and 2023 season we’re looking for our next Young Rider Coach. This will be a two-year commitment. 

Mandatory Qualifications:

ICP Level 3 or higher (USEA requirement)

Experience coaching multiple riders at Preliminary level and higher

Quantifiable coaching experience at both FEI competitions and non-FEI events

Ability to excel in a high-stress environment and advocate for team and program progression and success

Ability to establish and maintain a personal presence in Area IX in order to build a relationship with YR members as they develop through the levels

Excellent interpersonal skills (must be able to communicate with parents and young riders alike during some trying times)

Expectations of the coach:

Teaching: a camp and clinic (location TBD), course walks at competitions within Area IX, coaching at Team Competitions (NAYC or like to include meetings & team dinner), and any other agreed upon opportunities to work with Area IX Young Riders.

Communications: to work closely with the YR coordinator and the Area IX YR board to develop programs to benefit the area YR’s.

Interested applicants should please send a resume, salary or day fee requirements to:

Andrea Anderson, Area IX YR Coordinator @ 

Your materials will be reviewed by the YR Coach Selection Committee and you may be contacted for more information and/or interview.  The decision will be made by the YR Coach Selection Committee and will be presented to the Area Council for final approval.  All applicants will be notified of the decision by email.  All applications must be submitted before November 30, 2020 to be considered.

Salary Expectations

Please use this form to advise the committee of salary and fees requested as the Young Rider Coach:

Horse Trials Coaching per day per rider including course walks: $____________

NAYC Coaching fee per rider for six days (Tuesday – Sunday) to include course walks and jogs.$__________

Any other salary expectations during NAYC? 

Camp Coaching Fees to include facility per rider per day:  $___________

Stabling per horse per night onsite:  $___________

Camping for rider available?  Yes or No  

Electricity avaialble?  Yes or No   Cost of hook ups $________

Cost of dry camping?  $___________

Any additional fees requested?

Camp Coaching fee off site from own facility per day per rider: $_____________