Congratulations 2019 Winners!

Area IX would like to recognize Libby Stokes for running Round Top Horse Trials for 30 years! Thank you and congratulations, Libby!

High Point Young Rider
CH: Cora Severs
RES: Rosie Smith

High Point Senior Rider
CH: Madeline Backus
RES: Angelika Beutel

High Point Junior Rider
CH: Jhett Jenkins
RES: Payton Robinson

High Point 3-Day Horse
CH: Born to Love You – Maya Ramkowsky
RES: Charlie’s Angel – Noa Crowley
RES: Don Darco – Travis Atkinson

Bassinger Bowl
CH: Darlene McInnes
RES: Dani Sussman

High Point Adult Amateur Horse
CH: Stellaluna – Jacquelynn Schoeggl
RES: Handsome Ransom – Erin Contino
RES: Pinch – Annamarie Curtin

High Point Beginner Novice Horse
CH: Stellaluna – Jacquelynn Schoeggl
RES: Harrison – Sally Dalton/Angelika Beutel

High Point Novice Horse
CH: CJ Thunder – Cate Lowham
RES: Enchanted – Kristin Hardy
RES: Lady of the Lake – Madeline Backus

High Point Training Horse
CH: Reflektion’s Rio – Madeline Backus
RES: Speed Bump – Darlene McInnes

High Point Preliminary Horse
CH: Winter Step – Carly Zimmerman
RES: Speed Bump – Darlene McInnes

High Point Horse at Two Levels
CH: Reflektion’s Rio – Madeline Backus
RES: Stellaluna – Jacquelyn Schoeggl

Young Rider Sportsmanship Award
Elianah Komes

High Point Adult Rider Beginner Novice
CH: Sarah Richards
RES: Rebecca Caulfield

High Point Adult Rider Novice
CH: Kristin Hardy
RES: Liz Reilman

High Point Adult Rider Training
CH: Vicki Baker
RES: Dan Michaels

High Point Adult Rider Preliminary
CH: Darlene McInnes
RES: Travis Atkinson

High Point Young Rider Beginner Novice
CH: Emma Sletten
RES: Mollie Ritsch

High Point Young Rider Novice
CH: Cate Lowham
RES: Jhett Jenkins

High Point Young Rider Training
CH: Payton Robinson
RES: Lorna Bohnenstiehl

High Point Young Rider Preliminary
CH: Carly Zimmerman
RES: Lynnea Woody

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