Congratulations 2018 Award Winners

High Point Young Rider
CH: Ryleigh Leavitt
RES: Noa Crowley

High Point Senior Rider
CH: Linda Quist
RES: Erin Contino

High Point Junior Rider
CH: Cora Severs
RES: Rosie Smith 

High Point 3-Day Horse
CH: Piper – Amy Bowers
RES: Lochlann Fiona – Summer Peterson

Bassinger Bowl
CH: Travis Atkinson
RES: Erin Hofmann

High Point Adult Amateur Horse
CH: Belle Gambe – Linda Quist
RES: Handsome Ransom – Erin Contino

High Point Beginner Novice Horse
CH: Black Tye Affair – Sarah Sousa
RES: Diamondexpectation – Liz Reilman

High Point Novice Horse
CH: Handsome Randsom – Erin Contino
RES: Maggie Belle – Chris Kawcak

High Point Training Horse
CH: Belle Gambe – Linda Quist 
RES: Cuervo – Cora Severs

High Point Preliminary Horse
CH: Don Darco – Travis Atkinson
RES: Prince Eric – Lynnea Woody

High Point Horse at Two Levels
CH: Captain – Rochelle Costanza || Seamus – Rosie Smith
RES: Bellissima – Dani Sussman

Young Rider Sportsmanship Award
Jhett Jenkins

High Point Adult Rider Beginner Novice
CH: Liz Reilman
RES: Dulce Wassil

High Point Adult Rider Novice
CH: Erin Contino
RES: Chris Kawcak

High Point Adult Rider Training
CH: Linda Quist
RES: Jessica Maranto

High Point Adult Rider Preliminary
CH: Kim Wendel
RES: Christian Eagles

High Point Young Rider Beginner Novice
CH: Ingrid Hofmeister || Cate Lowham || Mollie Ritsch

High Point Young Rider Novice
CH: Jhett Jenkins
RES: Emma Reed

High Point Young Rider Training
CH: Cora Severs
RES: Rosie Smith

High Point Young Rider Preliminary
CH: Lynnea Woody
RES: Rosie Smith

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